2016. szeptember 26., hétfő

My little opinion about The Sims 4 City Living

Hi, to all my fellow simmers!

So.. I haven't post anything a while, and the reason is: I got bored playing the game. ( btw this never happened to me with The Sims 2)
A few days ago my excitement seem to come back from the dead, when EA finally announced the City living pack.

 But shortly after everything went from amazing to the worst. I mean.. c'mon guys... we all thought - at least i did- that this new pack will be the best so far. i thought it's gonna be just like it was in The Sims 2. I'll be able to build my own little apartment building in NewCrest, saving space in the neighborhood, living my own little life in a cute apartment. But no. HELL NO!

Don't get me wrong. I do look forward to the festivals, the video game consoles, the new hipster stuff, the basketball and the social media career i'm even interested in the talking toilet, but I couldn't give a damn about the apartment traits... i mean.. I will never use them anyway... i know.. it's interesting and a new thingy, but you will get bored from the rats and ghosts in a few hours, because they will pop up in the worst possible moment.

I would like to see an apartment life like in The Sims 2, an open for business like in The Sims 2, a seasons like in The Sims 3, toddlers, slow dancing, and snuggle in the bed while sleeping would be nice.

I remember when I played The Sims 2, I could play it from morning to night for months, years even ( until it crashed, because i had too much cc- uups :D  ) but The Sims 4 is just boring after a few hours.. I mean  i'm playing with my legacy and i lost interest in playing it. It's not a normal behaviour.

i want to play The Sims 2 again sooo bad!.. Damn you Windows 8.1 :(

I'm sorry for this rant, but i got so dissapointed today.. i kinda lost hope.. i'm not even mad.. just sad really. ( but still kinda excited about the new stuff- im a mess right now)

 What is your opinion about the upcoming expansion pack? Tell me in the comments down below.