2016. október 5., szerda


Hi Simmers! :)

I came here today, to share something with you.

My first ever downloadable house. I know it's not a big of a deal, but why ignore this special moment.
I mean someday.. maybe I'll be a big creator ( yeah.. right :D ) and I wanted to share this 'first time'  with you guys! :D YAY! It's like we lose our virginity together... or maybe not.. but you get the point, right? :D ( okay.. I just emberassed myself in front of the whole world.. yay! :D )

Enough of the bs... here is the house itself. I present to you Rosemary:

( don't forget to tell me your opinion about the house, and if you would like to get a furnished version of it- I will do it, if you want  ;) )

This home was the first home of Sim me and the Sim version of my husband and our Sim child ( I am not a mother in real life yet :p )
But Sim me got pregnant with the second child, so instead of making a nursery from one of the many smaller rooms, I decided it's time to move to another home.


For more information and download click on the picture down below and you will be redirected to MTS.


Don't forget to comment below :)

I hope you find this little home useful for your creative sims. Tell me if you liked it :)

Have fun and take care! :)


2016. október 3., hétfő

The time when i thought i am a photographer in The Sims 4 pt.2


I wanted to post something interesting today, but everyting is against me :D lol so I'm back with more pictures. But in the next few days I will give you something new. (I  signed up for MTS today... so it's something downloadable)

Here are the pictures:

As you can see, we were camping on the weekend to the beautiful Granite Falls.

I hope you all have a great day :)

Bye! :)