2016. december 12., hétfő

I got distracted..

I'm sorry I wasn't posting anything lately, I was just not in the mood for simming.
Actually I was in the mood for cruising in a car on the streets of Los Santos and killing people :D. For those, who has no idea what the hell I'm talking about... GTA 5 . I was playing GTA 5. :) It's like sims for grown ups. :D

I will upload a house soon though and will play The Sims 4. After the upload I will have to clean out all the CC I'm not using, so I will have to check like 3000 CC. Pray for me guys! :D

Until then here's a sneak peek from the house and a Sim I'm working on: 

Have fun and take care folks! :) 

- Flowy -