2017. május 22., hétfő

Pictures! Yay!

Hiya guys! Here are some pictures as promised a lifetime ago.
Still no pics from the Hood, but I was building lots for two days now. Only made three, but I am a perfectionist as long as it's about the Sims. Three lots and a bonus. lol

The first on is my favorite:

Organza Beach
I stole some things from The Sims 3. lol

I love the scenery, even though it's not a beachy neighborhood view it's kinda pretty. Don't you think?

I could sit at that bar all day!! *-*
Looky here! Parrots!

Showers and restrooms.. nothing interesting

I absolutely adore these fountains! They are soo pretty! *-*

 The next lot is a lovely Café- Bistro

Mermaid Café & Bistro

A pic during the day
and a pic during the night :)

Here is the Mermaid, who inspired the whole build. Legend says, that she wanted to become a human so bad, that one day she became one. And from that day she walks among the sims in Simmity Cove.
The inside. The wall was too naked, so i put ivy everywhere. lol
I've already told you i adore these fountains, haven't I?

The third one was just finished

Simmity Cove Cemetery

Lady in Grey.

My husband said that this pic reminded him of Outlast II. lol

The reflections are just perfect! *-*

My vampire family's mausoleum.
I had to snap a pic at night of the Lady in Grey.

And the bonus pic is a placed neighborhood deco.
I realized that I don't have a school, so I made one. :) It has a playground and a big parking lot.
The neighborhood deco was converted from The Sims 3 University life.
I made it like it was a Private school, so maybe tomorrow I will make a public school too. We'll see.

Colonel's Private HighSchool

 The thing about building is, I never know what I am gonna do. i mean I know that I am making a school, beach or cemetery, I just don't have a plan really. :D
That's it for today. I hope you liked this little and not so interesting post. lol
Tell me, how you build you lots. Do you plan everything, or just go, wherever your imagination brings you, like me?

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Thanks again! Have a nice day/ evening!
Take care, folks! Bye. :)

2017. május 13., szombat


Hello guys!
We meet again! After all this time. Lol.

The announcement is:

I finally have a Tumblr page!

I feel accomplished!
I wanted to make a Tumblr page for so long and now here I am, sharing the link to it!

Click on the pic to visit my Tumblr :)

The reason behind this is simple. Blogger is a great platform for blogging, but when I'm writing, or just thinking about a possible post, I always feel obliged to write a long one and to make it enjoyable.
I often wanted to share one or two thoughts, or just reblog something someone else's put on their blog, to show how much I liked it, or how much I disagree with it, or just post a picture of my current gameplay, but I always thought that's not enough for a whole post.
Tumblr is the platform, I hope will give me this. The simplicity and comfort.
I'm not saying that Tumblr is not good for long and thoughtful posts, because it's amazing, I just think Tumblr is less formal, at least for me.
I'm old school, and I always saw Tumblr as a pic sharing and reblogging site. Sorry :D

This will remain my main blog, however I assume that I'm gonna be more active on Tumblr. So stay tuned! :)

So, with all that being said, thank you for reading this, and I hope you will like what is yet to come. (I'm talking like I know what is gonna happen :D maybe I do, maybe I don't, who knows?  )

Did you notice there was only one gif in this post?

Well.. yeah! LOL

Mmmmmkay! Bye!
Take care, folks. :)

2017. március 22., szerda

So let me tell you about my relationship with The Sims :)

Sexy time baby!

I have to apologize and give some explanation about my absence in these couple of weeks.
I downloaded The Sims 2 ( my ultimate favorite sims game), just to give it a try. You may be familiar with the fact that Sims 2 doesn't really work on every Windows 8 computer, so when I bought a new PC, I was:
and you thought there's not gonna be any gifs :D lol
This whole thing is maybe a little outdated, cause the program I'm about to show you, was posted in 2014 :D, nevermind.

But first, let me tell you the story, the heartbreaking story of my relationship with The Sims.

First of all, when I first met with The Sims, I was 7-8 years old. My teacher introduced me, and one of my friends to it, and after that everything has changed. Nothing remained the same.
(if i spell something wrong, just blame Ed Sheeran for it, he just makes me unable to focus on my own thoughts. Thanks! :D )

I always loved to play with dolls, I even made my own doll house of cardboard, it wasn't perfect, but I loved it. And The Sims is basically your own doll 'world'.

Playing The Sims, gave me a little bit of comfort and confidence, I was some kind of god, after all. :D You might know the quote that says A book a day keeps reality away. In my case Sims was what kept the reality away.
Don't get me wrong, I had a wonderful childhood my parents are amazing ( even though they don't really like The Sims, I love them :) ). And with this we reached the next phase, which is:

When I was a teen, that was the time when I got introduced to The Sims 2. I was blown away!
I played with it for a year, and I didn't even had expansion packs, so I had only the plain base game without any cc. And I loved it anyway!

I realized that there are custom contents, so I downloaded a bunch, lol. After that I got a few expansion packs from my friend ( I got Nightlife, Seasons, Pets, Open for business to be exact), and I was never as happy as I was that day ( maybe on my wedding day.. yeah.. I was that happy on my wedding day :D )

I spent years playing with it. The Sims was my safe place.
Sometimes we had fights over the years, cause I downloaded too much cc and we had to take a break, but in the end everything was fine, more than fine.

- we have to highlight the fact, that I never laid eyes on The Sims 3, when I had The Sims 2- ( I thought it was weird)- but of course I tried it, I liked it and I left it alone :D

The next phase was the most tragic, and traumatic of my whole life!

High School

The problem wasn't really with the school itself. I hated it, though it wasn't that bad, but there was something that happened in high school what made me miserable.

In the third grade of high school I said goodbye to The Sims 2. It crashed and after that it never came back. I was devastated. It left me when I needed it the most. I was cold inside, the winter was already here, and I felted it in my veins.

pls don't kill me, I just wanted to put this gif in the post :D
but really though, I felt like Jon :p

The worst thing wasn't that The game crashed, and I couldn't start it again. The worst thing was that, I spent months decorating an effing hood, and it's subhoods, and when I could finally play with them, it just crashed. FEEL MY PAIN PEOPLE!!!!

Three years later my poor and old (like 12-13 years old) PC, just gave up. It died an honorable death.
And when I bought a new computer, of course it had Windows 8 in it, the first thing I tried to do was installing The Sims 2. But ( and you could've guessed it) it didn't work. Didn't work at all.
And my heart, my scarred heart broke again.
I was trying to find a way, to fix it. I spent days on google, and on various forums, with no luck. So I sort of gave up trying, and just let The Sims 2 go.

And now, we are here. I was playing The Sims 4 for two years. When I first tried it, I didn't like it ( cause it wasn't The Sims 2 duh!) but after a while, I realized, that it's a pretty good rebound. I wanted to forget that Sims 2 ever existed, but I just couldn't. When I thought about something that was missing in The Sims 2, a little voice in the back of my head always reminded me that The Sims 2 had this feature, I was able to do this with The Sims 2. But then, I found those awesome and cute custom contents, and everything was okay for a few months. But problems started to pop up ( too much CC + not the strongest PC = lagging  - pure science)

But one day, I became so determined, that spent all my free time looking for a solution so The Sims 2 and me could be together again. And on that day, I found a program.

Graphics Rules Maker

Your welcome!

If you was looking for a way to play The Sims 2 in HD, you should download this, and enjoy the great time you'll have with this game.

(I'm not talking to you- person, who's first Sims game was The Sims 4, I'm talking to those, who know that not every great game has the best graphics. I don't want to insult anyone, but some little girls just complaining about how The Sims 2 graphics are ugly, shut up, you just don't understand! )

This is how GRM saved my relationship.

I spent weeks to get all the custom content I had ( 3 weeks to be exact - and this is just the default replacements) and that's why I wasn't uploading anything.

And I have to talk about my Sims 4 plan. I will let it be for a while. We (my husband and I) want to buy a new PC and I would get my husbands laptop, which is strong :D so in my opinion the game will work on that like a dream.

Finally, I'm the one who is decorating the neighborhood, and not EA! And I can build apartments! Do you hear me EA? DO YOU?!

This was a Happy End! Yay!
Don't worry, I won't leave, I'll be here.
When I'm done decorating my Neighborhoods, I will upload pictures and stuff.

(btw I will probably play Sims 4 in the near future, so you can expect pictures from there too. :) )

One more thing! Tell me about your relationship with The Sims :D I'm curious! :)

Mmmkay Bye!

Take care!

- Flowy -

2017. január 12., csütörtök

Yay! Vampires!


Okay.. okay.. just bear(hug) with me alright? :)

EA announced their next The Sims 4 game pack, which is ( simply ) The Sims 4 Vampire game pack.
*they could have come up with something more original than that* just kidding- it says  what the pack is about so yeah.. that's cool and stuff. :D
Alright.. so here is the trailer, if you haven't seen it already:
* just click on the pic below... don't worry it won't bite ;) *


So if you are ready i will guard you through the trailer by telling you what I see and think about it *you know what I mean.. :D * let's jump right into it, shall we?

Nosferatu is that you?
This means only one thing - POINTY EARS - That's good. Hope it's not going to be like Alien' s ears that we can't use them on non- alien sims without mods.

This is not the first time EA had a big character from a great movie in their trailer. ( In this case not putting  Nosferatu or Dracula in the trailer would've been silly) In the Dine out trailer we could see Gustavo Frin from a big TV show Breaking Bad.

Don't tell me- if you were a fan of Breaking Bad- and you never noticed this! Just don't.
New music instrument!
Yes! Pipe organ. Toolidooooo!
   * so now I can make my own Gerard Butler from the Phantom of the Opera! Yay! * I mean that's a 
     good thing I guess.  Jokes  aside i'm excited about this new instrument, I can imagine my new vampire sim to play on it in his/ her basement. :D
 Súvisiaci obrázok

Flash those beautiful eyes of yours!
New eyes! I hope they are not gonna be like the default ones in
   the base game, cause those are weird AF. But seriously, though..
* they are flashing so that's a good sign already!*

Vampire teeth are stroong!
In my opinion we are gonna get two types of vampire teeth to play with.
   Since Nosferatu is in the trailer I guess he will have his own kind of teeth, and the other vampires..
   well, they are gonna have their own

Transforming vampires!
Just to be clear.. Vampires can have two forms, like Aliens can ( and in Sims 3 werewolfs) ? That's awesome! ( if you are interested in getting your sim married with a disguised alien and/or vampire) + the bat thing is just obvious at this point :)

Also: GARGOYLE! and dungeon themed build mode items *maybe*

Let's look at those gothic looking clothes of yours!
This is obvious if you think about it. If you have vampires, a spooky town, dark victorian build style.. you need to have some gothic clothes, accessories, hair, makeup and a few buymode items.. right?... RIGHT??!

Yep, I'm right!
Lacey gloves, big rings, eyebrows, huge curtains!

  Mind Control!
So vampires have abilities. Interesting! So there is gonna be some kind of a skill system... o.o * this pack is full of skills - I like it!* I wonder what other skills do Vampires will have.

Gargoyle belly...! :D

The air is filled with sparks around me! Wait.. what?!
So in this version vampires die from sunshine. Just like they did in The Sims 2
At least they don't sparkle!

Damn, you are a beautiful creature! 

Yas! I was right!
There are four teeth choices! :D That is actually new, since Sims 2 and 3 never had this much to choose from. This is good.

So you can turn into a bat!
That's cool! This was obvious, we are talking about vampires, of course there is gonna be some bat action. In my opinion this is going to be some kind of skill, but I may be wrong. We'll see! :D

Okay! We get it!
A new walk style. We know it for a few months now, but it's just cute to see it in real action.

You have a beautiful neck! Will you be my bride? For eternity!

Holy vampire butt!
So, apparently, if you are a handsome vampire, you can turn anyone?.. Maybe.
This will be a skill as well, if you ask me. :D

There is a spider web, but where is the spider? RUN!

Humans and their spiders..

Build/ buy mode!
There are gonna be a few items. All gothic- ish I assume, but they are looking good!

That worn out wallpaper looks good though...
I'm gonna swing from the chandelier!

New fighting?
I am not sure if this is going to be a skill, or just a basic fight between two vampires, but sure it looks awesome!


New place to WOOHOO!
Finally! I always wanted to WOOHOO in the COFFIN! Everyone does!

My wardrobe is already full!
Never mind, I want to try this, thanks!

These boots are on SALE???!!

And I guess that's all.
Or wait... what is this?

She is so familiar... o.O I wonde...

from Gotham!

I guess this pack will be awesome. I loved vampires in Sims 2  ( I always made them a bar and then I played with him as Eric from True Blood * gosh... I miss the sims 2*) We will see if we get what we expect, or we have to deal with the BS again, like we had to in City Living.

Sorry for the long post, which was full of gifs.. but I hope you enjoyed it. If you did leave a comment down below.
Have a nice day! Take care folks!

- Flowy -