2017. március 22., szerda

So let me tell you about my relationship with The Sims :)

Sexy time baby!

I have to apologize and give some explanation about my absence in these couple of weeks.
I downloaded The Sims 2 ( my ultimate favorite sims game), just to give it a try. You may be familiar with the fact that Sims 2 doesn't really work on every Windows 8 computer, so when I bought a new PC, I was:
and you thought there's not gonna be any gifs :D lol
This whole thing is maybe a little outdated, cause the program I'm about to show you, was posted in 2014 :D, nevermind.

But first, let me tell you the story, the heartbreaking story of my relationship with The Sims.

First of all, when I first met with The Sims, I was 7-8 years old. My teacher introduced me, and one of my friends to it, and after that everything has changed. Nothing remained the same.
(if i spell something wrong, just blame Ed Sheeran for it, he just makes me unable to focus on my own thoughts. Thanks! :D )

I always loved to play with dolls, I even made my own doll house of cardboard, it wasn't perfect, but I loved it. And The Sims is basically your own doll 'world'.

Playing The Sims, gave me a little bit of comfort and confidence, I was some kind of god, after all. :D You might know the quote that says A book a day keeps reality away. In my case Sims was what kept the reality away.
Don't get me wrong, I had a wonderful childhood my parents are amazing ( even though they don't really like The Sims, I love them :) ). And with this we reached the next phase, which is:

When I was a teen, that was the time when I got introduced to The Sims 2. I was blown away!
I played with it for a year, and I didn't even had expansion packs, so I had only the plain base game without any cc. And I loved it anyway!

I realized that there are custom contents, so I downloaded a bunch, lol. After that I got a few expansion packs from my friend ( I got Nightlife, Seasons, Pets, Open for business to be exact), and I was never as happy as I was that day ( maybe on my wedding day.. yeah.. I was that happy on my wedding day :D )

I spent years playing with it. The Sims was my safe place.
Sometimes we had fights over the years, cause I downloaded too much cc and we had to take a break, but in the end everything was fine, more than fine.

- we have to highlight the fact, that I never laid eyes on The Sims 3, when I had The Sims 2- ( I thought it was weird)- but of course I tried it, I liked it and I left it alone :D

The next phase was the most tragic, and traumatic of my whole life!

High School

The problem wasn't really with the school itself. I hated it, though it wasn't that bad, but there was something that happened in high school what made me miserable.

In the third grade of high school I said goodbye to The Sims 2. It crashed and after that it never came back. I was devastated. It left me when I needed it the most. I was cold inside, the winter was already here, and I felted it in my veins.

pls don't kill me, I just wanted to put this gif in the post :D
but really though, I felt like Jon :p

The worst thing wasn't that The game crashed, and I couldn't start it again. The worst thing was that, I spent months decorating an effing hood, and it's subhoods, and when I could finally play with them, it just crashed. FEEL MY PAIN PEOPLE!!!!

Three years later my poor and old (like 12-13 years old) PC, just gave up. It died an honorable death.
And when I bought a new computer, of course it had Windows 8 in it, the first thing I tried to do was installing The Sims 2. But ( and you could've guessed it) it didn't work. Didn't work at all.
And my heart, my scarred heart broke again.
I was trying to find a way, to fix it. I spent days on google, and on various forums, with no luck. So I sort of gave up trying, and just let The Sims 2 go.

And now, we are here. I was playing The Sims 4 for two years. When I first tried it, I didn't like it ( cause it wasn't The Sims 2 duh!) but after a while, I realized, that it's a pretty good rebound. I wanted to forget that Sims 2 ever existed, but I just couldn't. When I thought about something that was missing in The Sims 2, a little voice in the back of my head always reminded me that The Sims 2 had this feature, I was able to do this with The Sims 2. But then, I found those awesome and cute custom contents, and everything was okay for a few months. But problems started to pop up ( too much CC + not the strongest PC = lagging  - pure science)

But one day, I became so determined, that spent all my free time looking for a solution so The Sims 2 and me could be together again. And on that day, I found a program.

Graphics Rules Maker

Your welcome!

If you was looking for a way to play The Sims 2 in HD, you should download this, and enjoy the great time you'll have with this game.

(I'm not talking to you- person, who's first Sims game was The Sims 4, I'm talking to those, who know that not every great game has the best graphics. I don't want to insult anyone, but some little girls just complaining about how The Sims 2 graphics are ugly, shut up, you just don't understand! )

This is how GRM saved my relationship.

I spent weeks to get all the custom content I had ( 3 weeks to be exact - and this is just the default replacements) and that's why I wasn't uploading anything.

And I have to talk about my Sims 4 plan. I will let it be for a while. We (my husband and I) want to buy a new PC and I would get my husbands laptop, which is strong :D so in my opinion the game will work on that like a dream.

Finally, I'm the one who is decorating the neighborhood, and not EA! And I can build apartments! Do you hear me EA? DO YOU?!

This was a Happy End! Yay!
Don't worry, I won't leave, I'll be here.
When I'm done decorating my Neighborhoods, I will upload pictures and stuff.

(btw I will probably play Sims 4 in the near future, so you can expect pictures from there too. :) )

One more thing! Tell me about your relationship with The Sims :D I'm curious! :)

Mmmkay Bye!

Take care!

- Flowy -