2016. december 12., hétfő

I got distracted..

I'm sorry I wasn't posting anything lately, I was just not in the mood for simming.
Actually I was in the mood for cruising in a car on the streets of Los Santos and killing people :D. For those, who has no idea what the hell I'm talking about... GTA 5 . I was playing GTA 5. :) It's like sims for grown ups. :D

I will upload a house soon though and will play The Sims 4. After the upload I will have to clean out all the CC I'm not using, so I will have to check like 3000 CC. Pray for me guys! :D

Until then here's a sneak peek from the house and a Sim I'm working on: 

Have fun and take care folks! :) 

- Flowy -

2016. október 5., szerda


Hi Simmers! :)

I came here today, to share something with you.

My first ever downloadable house. I know it's not a big of a deal, but why ignore this special moment.
I mean someday.. maybe I'll be a big creator ( yeah.. right :D ) and I wanted to share this 'first time'  with you guys! :D YAY! It's like we lose our virginity together... or maybe not.. but you get the point, right? :D ( okay.. I just emberassed myself in front of the whole world.. yay! :D )

Enough of the bs... here is the house itself. I present to you Rosemary:

( don't forget to tell me your opinion about the house, and if you would like to get a furnished version of it- I will do it, if you want  ;) )

This home was the first home of Sim me and the Sim version of my husband and our Sim child ( I am not a mother in real life yet :p )
But Sim me got pregnant with the second child, so instead of making a nursery from one of the many smaller rooms, I decided it's time to move to another home.


For more information and download click on the picture down below and you will be redirected to MTS.


Don't forget to comment below :)

I hope you find this little home useful for your creative sims. Tell me if you liked it :)

Have fun and take care! :)


2016. október 3., hétfő

The time when i thought i am a photographer in The Sims 4 pt.2


I wanted to post something interesting today, but everyting is against me :D lol so I'm back with more pictures. But in the next few days I will give you something new. (I  signed up for MTS today... so it's something downloadable)

Here are the pictures:

As you can see, we were camping on the weekend to the beautiful Granite Falls.

I hope you all have a great day :)

Bye! :)

2016. szeptember 26., hétfő

My little opinion about The Sims 4 City Living

Hi, to all my fellow simmers!

So.. I haven't post anything a while, and the reason is: I got bored playing the game. ( btw this never happened to me with The Sims 2)
A few days ago my excitement seem to come back from the dead, when EA finally announced the City living pack.

 But shortly after everything went from amazing to the worst. I mean.. c'mon guys... we all thought - at least i did- that this new pack will be the best so far. i thought it's gonna be just like it was in The Sims 2. I'll be able to build my own little apartment building in NewCrest, saving space in the neighborhood, living my own little life in a cute apartment. But no. HELL NO!

Don't get me wrong. I do look forward to the festivals, the video game consoles, the new hipster stuff, the basketball and the social media career i'm even interested in the talking toilet, but I couldn't give a damn about the apartment traits... i mean.. I will never use them anyway... i know.. it's interesting and a new thingy, but you will get bored from the rats and ghosts in a few hours, because they will pop up in the worst possible moment.

I would like to see an apartment life like in The Sims 2, an open for business like in The Sims 2, a seasons like in The Sims 3, toddlers, slow dancing, and snuggle in the bed while sleeping would be nice.

I remember when I played The Sims 2, I could play it from morning to night for months, years even ( until it crashed, because i had too much cc- uups :D  ) but The Sims 4 is just boring after a few hours.. I mean  i'm playing with my legacy and i lost interest in playing it. It's not a normal behaviour.

i want to play The Sims 2 again sooo bad!.. Damn you Windows 8.1 :(

I'm sorry for this rant, but i got so dissapointed today.. i kinda lost hope.. i'm not even mad.. just sad really. ( but still kinda excited about the new stuff- im a mess right now)

 What is your opinion about the upcoming expansion pack? Tell me in the comments down below.


2016. augusztus 31., szerda

The time when i thought i am a photographer in The Sims 4

Hello little simmers :)

I'm pretty new to this sims photography thingy, but i thought why not to share the pictures i have taken in the game so far.
These are not so pro pics, as you can see i don't even use filters, or any action (only contrast or color sliders.. i mean that doesn't count.. right? oops :D )
I wanted to make a slideshow of these pics, but google is just doesn't allow me, causing a huge headache.. so no slideshow for me.. no sir! Damn you Google.. damn you.

Here are the photos.

Hope you like them :)

(maybe this one got a little bit too much color and contrast... lol )

Have a nice day and take care folks :)
Bye! :)

2016. augusztus 28., vasárnap

My first public CC haul!

Hello.. I hope you are having a great evening! :)
 The title says it all. This is my firs ever public CC haul!   Yay!

I have never done this before.. i mean i did download a bunch of stuff, but i never bragged about it
( i mean i did, but only to my husband, who was really nice. He was interested in it, at least that's what he said....)

But let's take a look at the things i have found useful or just hella cute, shall we...
This is a base game short recolor from sul--sul and it's cute as hell. I will only use the rainbowy one, but the other colors are pretty awesome too.
I will put the link to the post, so you can download from sul--sul's site. :)



An adorable planter from lina- cherie, who was absolutely awesome and separated, re- sized and recolored for us.
I love it!
I could probably make an entire post about lina- cherie's cuteness, but i won't because it would be creepy...




 It's a swimwear from LuxySims Simple, summery, flowery
do you need more reason to download it?



Wallpaper.. Yaaas!!
Love me some good wallpapers!
This one is from Woohoosimblr.
Her creations and recolors are amazing, so i love her too. :D
Check out her page and download these awesome wallpapers.



I love maxis match hairs because they look better in game than any other cc hair ( it's like natural in that cartoony enviroment)
This is one of my favourites and it's made by crazycupcake.. so that's even better.



 Another wallpaper.. of course.
This is from the simcredible 
(Hamburgercakes) so you know it's a good thingy :)


Of course we cannot leave out the amazing Saudade Sims who made us these marvelous base game curtain recolors.
These are so awesome! You have to download it.. :p



Another base game recolor, but this time it's a rug from Berry-Pixels.
The patterns are so colorful, so pretty and cute, i just couldn't say no to this. :)
The pretty patterns are my weakness.


* all credit goes to the awesome creators, who made these custom contents.. none of these are mine, feel free to check out other stuff they make.. they are pretty darn amazing! :) thanks *

And that's all for today. I hope you found something pretty to use in your game. :)

Have a nice day folks and take care :)