2017. május 13., szombat


Hello guys!
We meet again! After all this time. Lol.

The announcement is:

I finally have a Tumblr page!

I feel accomplished!
I wanted to make a Tumblr page for so long and now here I am, sharing the link to it!

Click on the pic to visit my Tumblr :)

The reason behind this is simple. Blogger is a great platform for blogging, but when I'm writing, or just thinking about a possible post, I always feel obliged to write a long one and to make it enjoyable.
I often wanted to share one or two thoughts, or just reblog something someone else's put on their blog, to show how much I liked it, or how much I disagree with it, or just post a picture of my current gameplay, but I always thought that's not enough for a whole post.
Tumblr is the platform, I hope will give me this. The simplicity and comfort.
I'm not saying that Tumblr is not good for long and thoughtful posts, because it's amazing, I just think Tumblr is less formal, at least for me.
I'm old school, and I always saw Tumblr as a pic sharing and reblogging site. Sorry :D

This will remain my main blog, however I assume that I'm gonna be more active on Tumblr. So stay tuned! :)

So, with all that being said, thank you for reading this, and I hope you will like what is yet to come. (I'm talking like I know what is gonna happen :D maybe I do, maybe I don't, who knows?  )

Did you notice there was only one gif in this post?

Well.. yeah! LOL

Mmmmmkay! Bye!
Take care, folks. :)

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