2017. május 22., hétfő

Pictures! Yay!

Hiya guys! Here are some pictures as promised a lifetime ago.
Still no pics from the Hood, but I was building lots for two days now. Only made three, but I am a perfectionist as long as it's about the Sims. Three lots and a bonus. lol

The first on is my favorite:

Organza Beach
I stole some things from The Sims 3. lol

I love the scenery, even though it's not a beachy neighborhood view it's kinda pretty. Don't you think?

I could sit at that bar all day!! *-*
Looky here! Parrots!

Showers and restrooms.. nothing interesting

I absolutely adore these fountains! They are soo pretty! *-*

 The next lot is a lovely Café- Bistro

Mermaid Café & Bistro

A pic during the day
and a pic during the night :)

Here is the Mermaid, who inspired the whole build. Legend says, that she wanted to become a human so bad, that one day she became one. And from that day she walks among the sims in Simmity Cove.
The inside. The wall was too naked, so i put ivy everywhere. lol
I've already told you i adore these fountains, haven't I?

The third one was just finished

Simmity Cove Cemetery

Lady in Grey.

My husband said that this pic reminded him of Outlast II. lol

The reflections are just perfect! *-*

My vampire family's mausoleum.
I had to snap a pic at night of the Lady in Grey.

And the bonus pic is a placed neighborhood deco.
I realized that I don't have a school, so I made one. :) It has a playground and a big parking lot.
The neighborhood deco was converted from The Sims 3 University life.
I made it like it was a Private school, so maybe tomorrow I will make a public school too. We'll see.

Colonel's Private HighSchool

 The thing about building is, I never know what I am gonna do. i mean I know that I am making a school, beach or cemetery, I just don't have a plan really. :D
That's it for today. I hope you liked this little and not so interesting post. lol
Tell me, how you build you lots. Do you plan everything, or just go, wherever your imagination brings you, like me?

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Thanks again! Have a nice day/ evening!
Take care, folks! Bye. :)

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